Monday, September 27, 2010

Dedication Day, September 11, 2010

3 Forms: The Lake Street Bubbler
Dedication and Celebration
Sponsored by:
City of Minneapolis Art in Public Places
Department of Public Works and Community Planning and Economic Development
Minneapolis Arts Commission
Midtown YWCA

We were thrilled to have the dedication of the fountain as part of the YWCA's 10 Year Celebration!

The day was full of fun and fitness activities for all. It was a smashing celebration of the Y's presence in the Midtown community.

City of Minneapolis Director of Community Planning and Economic Development, Mike Christenson, dedicated the fountain with Velma Korbel, director of the Department of Civil Rights. Geeta spoke about our inspirations and process, and the concepts represented in the fountain. Stevie, a student from South, read the poem he cast into his metal molecule in the bench. Everyone gathered to take some sips and fill their water bottles!

The fountain belongs the neighborhood!

Greatly missed were Sandy Spieler, Artistic Director of In the Heart of the Beast Theatre, Mayor R.T. Rybak, more South High students and council member of Ward 9, Gary Schiff.
We are thankful for the work you do and your current pursuits........
**Sandy was out of state speaking - inspiring gratitude of Water and making social change!

**The Mayor was working on Opportunity Knocks - volunteers go door-to-door to get dropouts back in school for Minneapolis Public Schools' "We Want You Back" campaign. - Excellent!
**South students are on to college and being good students!

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre performed a special, free performance of "Are you Thirsty" to help us celebrate, and educate and inspire us about our drinking water.
Performers: D. Blake Love and Alejandra Tobar-Alatriz
A dynamic exploration of a myriad of questions contained in a cup of water--one of our most precious and necessary shared resources.

The Watershed Exhibit from Hamline University as part of the Center for Global Environmental Education - A traveling trunk exhibit shows how your street flows to and connects to lakes the river.

More Information:
Four Artist-Designed Drinking Fountains are being installed in the City. The project celebrates the role water has played in Minneapolis history and seeks to reestablish public drinking fountains as central to the health and wealth of the City. For more information about water conservation in the City, visit

Art in Public Places is a program of the City of Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development Department and was developed by the Minneapolis Arts Commission in 1992. The mission of Art in Public Places is to enrich the lives of local citizens and visitors by integrating public art into City planning, services, design and infrastructure. For more information about Art in Public Places or to view then different interactive public art maps of the City, visit the City's website at

Monday, September 6, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

The fountain has a name: 3 Forms- The Lake Street Bubbler

Geeta wrote a short poem about the name of our fountain:

Water is Time - Both have 3 Forms
Past - Frozen -
Present- Fluid -
Future -
Invisibly locked like molecular bonds,
Or billowing pregnant with dreams,
like Clouds.

Bench is poured Thursday June 24, 2010

Lamere Concrete of NE Minneapolis - technicians finishing the concrete bench.

Stevie and Amanda visited the Lake Street site for the pour of the Mississippi Molecule bench--Stevie set his bronze molecule into the concrete! Here's Stevie showing off some climbing skills.

Monday, March 1, 2010

women and water events at Nash Gallery
Here is a link to events in March 2010