Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free water-what next in the first world?

Editorial Causes Uproar in Oases Worldwide--whaddya mean they just stop for a free drink???

After reading this recent op ed in the New York Times I took some time to observe the pleasures of "free" water. It's one thing we needn't take for granted... just now take a minute to imagine its absence. By drinking our city water and re-filling our metal bottles, we are twice lucky - able to drink clean water and moreover to know that we didn't buy some Coca-Cola plastic bottled water of questionable origins..(questionable to the point of intolerable!) We have more fresh water in the mid-west than most other places on earth..I wonder why we would pay to be ripped off and rip off some other country of their meager supply at the same time!

Here are couple photos of cute kids enjoying a free drink! Rosy cheeks and happy faces! By the luck of the draw we have it-- so share it. Drinking public water helps to avoid corporate ownership of a public resource!

Post some observations here!