Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Residency with South High Students-Sand Mold Workshop-July, 2009

Macy, Stevie, Eli, Patrick, JanLouise, Aubrey


The students learned how to do direct carving in sand-molds that they will pour in bronze.
They used rotary tools, drills and files to carve and sculpt their imagery into set up sand-molds. The negative space in the "open-faced" sand-molds will be filled with molten metal.

After completing this process the students will be docents at the Water Celebration and Hot Metal Pour: Unveiling the Fountain, Water Expo and Community Involvement (some time in October-date will be posted). The communities involved with and the neighborhood of the Midtown YWCA will have the opportunity to participate in a sand-mold workshop led by this group of students to create their imagery into "drain covers" or "water spigot handles". The molds will be poured that day to take home or get embedded into the concrete plaza design around the fountain.

Using dremel tool to carve away design.

Aubrey carving out her pattern.

Stevie tracing a star.

Macy using drill bits to carve away a design in the horseshoe sandmold.

Eli wearing graphite on white.

Delilah Belle doing some random drilling, too.